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Come and meet the animals at Johnsfort, our picturesque organic farm, nestled in the heart of The Boyne Valley. As you step onto our lush green pastures, you'll be greeted by our majestic Highland cattle grazing peacefully and the funny looking Jacob sheep lying out under a tree. Our farm is a haven for biodiversity, where every creature, great and small, plays a vital role in maintaining the delicate balance of our ecosystem.

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Your Irish Farm Adventure

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What Awaits You

A forest walk awaits you, with a winding trail that guides you through nature. Just follow the handmade, yellow arrows that lead the way. To protect your feet from muddy patches and briars, we provide wellies, allowing you to really get stuck in. As you explore our organic farm and enjoy the forest walk, take a deep breath, and let the fresh country air invigorate your senses. Absorb the serenity of the surroundings, embracing the connection between the land, the animals, and the rich tapestry of life that unfolds before you. Our organic farm is a testament to the beauty of sustainable farming practices, where every aspect coexists in perfect harmony.

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Highland Cattle

The star attractions of our farm are undoubtedly the Highland cattle. Their names are Ború, Grace and Constance. Ború comes from ‘bó rua’ meaning red cow in Irish. Grace was named after Grace Gifford - a passionate nationalist, an accomplished artist, and a symbol of love and dedication due to her marriage to Joseph Plunkett on the eve of his execution in during the 1916 Easter Rising. Constance is named after Constance Markievicz who was an Irish revolutionary, politician, and feminist who played a prominent role in the Irish nationalist movement and was the first woman elected to the British Parliament. The highlands, with their long, shaggy coats and magnificent horns, exude an air of majesty as they roam freely across the fields. As you observe these gentle giants in their natural habitat, you'll witness the perfect harmony between nature and nurture, as they graze on the lush grasses, contributing to the cycle of sustainable farming.

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Can you spot our Shorthorn Cattle?

See can you spot our two White Shorthorn cattle. They are medium to large-sized cattle with a well-muscled body and a broad frame. These cattle are known for their docile temperament, good maternal instincts, and adaptability to various climates. They are valued for their meat quality, producing tender and flavoursome beef, as well as their milk production capabilities. They arrived at Johnsfort in April 2023 and settled in straight away alongside our Irish Dexter cattle and their calves, also very adaptable and hardy producing tasty, marbled beef. Observing ewes and their lambs as they graze can be quite therapeutic and rewarding. Here at Johnsfort we find it fascinating to witness their natural behaviour, the lambs playfully frolicking around, and the ewes attentively keeping an eye on their young ones, shouting out to them to come back if they stray too far.

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Jacob Sheep

Stroll further along, and you'll encounter the delightful four-horned Jacob sheep, with their distinctive piebald coats. These charming creatures, known for their multi-horned beauty, add a touch of whimsy to the landscape. Our Jacob sheep are not only a joy to observe but also serve an important purpose in maintaining the delicate ecological balance by grazing and fertilizing the land.

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Bantem Hens

As you explore our farm, keep an eye out for the bantam hens that walk freely, scratching the ground for insects and grubs. These feathered friends contribute to our farm's sustainability by providing fresh, organic eggs, a true farm-to-table experience. All our guests can enjoy fresh eggs every day of their stay. You can pick them up yourselves or let Danny, Juliette or Douglas - our three children, bring them to your door.

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Escape the Hustle and Bustle of City Life

Come visit our farm and escape the hustle and bustle of city life, and embark on a journey into nature's embrace here at Johnsfort.

Wake up to birds singing

Wake up to the birdsong in the mornings, each bird with its distinctive song

Discover our Irish Farm

Discover the wonders of our organic farm, where Highland cattle, Shorthorns, Jacob sheep, bantam hens, and the enchanting forest walk await.

Unleash your spirit!

Unleash your spirit of adventure and allow the tranquillity of this idyllic setting to leave an indelible mark on your soul.

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