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Barbara and Richard Ball run Johnsfort Ireland At Your Leisure, a boutique self-catering accommodation in Co Meath, Ireland. The farm has been in the Ball family for over 200 years, and they have been hosting guests since 2017. In 2022, they embarked on a new adventure to combine their accommodation with their tour company to provide a unique and enjoyable experience for visitors to Ireland. The cottage and the loft are designed to reflect the Balls' personalities and values. They have incorporated original elements into the design, as well as modern touches and comforts. Visitors can expect to experience a blend of old and new at Johnsfort House and Irish Farm. In addition to providing accommodation, Johnsfort Ireland At Your Leisure also offers tours of the surrounding area. Visitors can learn about Irish history and culture while exploring the beautiful countryside. Johnsfort Ireland At Your Leisure is a great place to stay for those who want to experience the best of Ireland. The Balls are passionate about providing their guests with a memorable and authentic experience, and they are committed to making sure that everyone feels welcome at Johnsfort.

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Unique Farm Stay Ireland

Ireland At Your Leisure offer a unique Irish farm stay to give you the full Irish experience. Wake up rested to the sound of chickens and other wildlife and enjoy homemade fresh bread and local honey on the patio.

Meet Your Hosts!

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Richard Ball - Your Delightful Tour Guide

Ireland is an incredible little country especially when you know where to go, and I get huge satisfaction in bringing guests around, showing it off in all its beauty. I have brought groups all over the land, people of every age from young babies to Octogenarians, sometimes in the same group, and have always managed to adapt the tours to suit their exact needs. I strongly believe that, above all, the guest must always be put first.'

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Barbara Ball - Your Friendly Hostess

Johnfort House is a beautiful place to live and work. I feel very lucky that our children are being brought up in the countryside, on a farm and that for the most part it is my place of work. I am also a teacher and teach two days a week. Since we started the accommodation in the courtyard we have met wonderful people and Johnsfort is an exciting place to live as there is always someone new coming to stay.

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